Get a Taste of Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice at Shaka Shak

Cool down from the summer heat while tickling your taste buds with authentic shave ice from Shaka Shak! Our mobile shave ice truck company brings the original Hawaiian dessert to customers nationwide. We spread the aloha from the islands to the mainland one shave ice at a time!

Shave Ice VS Shaved Ice: What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between shave ice and shaved ice is that the first one is made from high-end and quality blocks of ice and not ice cubes. Shaved ice is typically made from crushed ice. It is served so densely packed together that, instead of flavoring the ice, the syrup pools to the bottom of the paper cone or cup.

On the other hand, shave ice has a snow-like texture. Its soft, thin flakes absorb more of the flavored syrup, resulting in a deliciously refreshing taste experience.

At Shaka Shak we go the extra mile by shaving our own homemade ice "off the block" and mixing our own delicious flavors. all of our flavors are made with 100 percent pure cane sugar (sugar free options available). Bring the taste of Hawaii your next event by booking our shave ice truck today!

We Bring the Fruity Goodness to You

Shave ice is a classic Hawaiian treat enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. However, you don’t have to book a flight just to taste this delicious dessert. Shaka Shak brings the fruity goodness to you!

Because we operate from a mobile truck, we can serve you authentic Hawaiian shave ice wherever you are. We specialize in events such as company parties, school fundraisers, sports and weddings!

Shaka Shak is committed to giving back to our community. We offer shave ice at youth sports events and donate a percentage of our sales to a local league or team.

Our Mission

We aim to create the highest quality authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice served from our state of the art Food Truck

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Make your next event that much sweeter with Shaka Shak's authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our shave ice truck services. We offer or shave ice throughout California with a focus on the beautiful Central Coast. Please call or email us today to book Shaka Shak at your next event!

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